Floral Favorites

Floral Favorites

Floral Favorites

Whether you’re dreaming of a full on flower wall, colorful bouquet, or planning on understated centerpieces, the floral struggle is real!  Do I go for a traditional stem? Should I throw in a pop of color in my petals? Let’s see how a few of our favorite blooms fit in with your bridal style.

The Classic Rose

Rich red, light white, or pale pink, the rose is an opulent choice that blends well with lots of greenery or stands all on its own to create a full look for your floral décor. The Primavera, a glamorous princess ball gown, pairs perfectly with a lush rose bouquet for a dramatic finish.

Calla Lilly

The Romantic Calla Lily

Much like this Luana gown that has us swooning, the calla lily is soft and feminine. Coming in a range of colors like yellow, orange, purple, and ivory, we’re especially drawn to the ultra pretty pink tone.  The trumpet blossoms create a graceful and long appearance that we’re falling for fast!

The Whimsical Cherry Blossom

Polina Gown – Currently Available in store!

The bohemian bride who envisions herself frolicking through a garden or stepping into the soft sand will love the pastel hues and playful nature of the cherry blossom. With these at your side, the floral embroidered appliqués of the Polina gown will truly bring the flower power to life.

Lesley Gown Style 5688 – Currently Available in store!

The Dainty Sweet Pea

The name really says it all here. A delicate flower that comes in hues from pink to purple to white, the sweet pea is just as charming as it sounds. Alongside the soft crepe material of the Lesley gown we think this combination would be magical.





The Minimalist Baby’s Breath
A sleek and modern dress like the Reese calls for a subtle stem like baby’s breath to compliment the smooth satin and simply beautiful design of the gown. One of the best things about the basic white baby’s breath is all the fun you can have adding in other flowers for color or texture. We’re always a fan of versatility, especially when it comes to bringing your vision to life!

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